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Hello listeners and Newsletter subscribers. I know, you subscribed a while ago and I am just getting to send out our first newsletter. Well.....its been a bit busy. We have been up and running for about 10 weeks and a lot has happened. We have been picked up by radio stations and key websites. We have added morning update recordings available for radio stations. We are now publishing a weekly article blog (which is displayed below)...AND....we ate way too much turkey. We are just getting warmed up. Check out the site....lots of job news and tips...a great podcast weekly (you subscribed through I-tunes right?) and now our newsletter.



Mike Baumgartner - Host JobCast Radio


Now is the time 

We have all heard the statistics. One in ten Americans are out of work. Others, myself included, believe that number to be much higher. Yes, companies are starting to hire, but they are adjusting from over cutting their workforce or just shifting the deck chairs around a bit. The sense is there is no real job growth out there. The weather turns cold, and the job activity shuts down for the holidays.
This is the hardest time of the year for someone looking for work. The sorrow and fear, often coupled with guilt and shame, can be paralyzing. Got the picture? Now add to that the spouses and children of people out of work, and hopefully you begin to understand how difficult things are going to be this holiday. 
Keep that picture in your head.
Now move it to your heart.
Now look at your paycheck and thank God you have a job.
But don’t stop there!

One out of every ten of us is out of work. I have yet to find a person in this country (and I know a lot of them) who does not know someone looking for work. That is the bad news.
The good news is that nine out of ten of us has a job, a network, at least (for most of us) a few friends, and a few past jobs under our belt. All of us working folks have done a résumé, been through an interview, and have access to a phone/email. You may be thinking what can I do? The answer is simply DO SOMETHING – ANYTHING!
Here are some ideas.
Adopt someone who needs a job.
Become an agent. Companies are not posting jobs because they don’t want 500 résumés flooding their inbox. But they are looking. Call your network. Check with past employers. Call your friends, then call their friends and look for leads. Be an agent for someone who needs work, if only for an hour a week. Talk to people who know people who know other people and find those hidden jobs out there. Connect the folks who are looking to the people who are employed. 
Become a coach. Very few people are good at résumé writing and even less are skilled at handling tough interviews. Sit with your job seeking friend and rehearse questions, talk through the resume, and get them focused on making things happen. You may not be a wizard at this stuff either, but working together exposes weaknesses that can be worked on and strengths that can be leveraged.
Become a counselor. Most job seekers really only need a friend. Most of us feel guilty that we have a job and tend to avoid people who are going through a rough time. We need to get over it and reach out. Let us not wait for someone to ask for help. Find them. Get them out of the house. Take them to lunch. Help with the kids. Listen to them talk. Just listen….
Become a leader. If you can (and the reward is great, I promise) start a support group. Get up in church and announce a résumé writing workshop or interview practice session. Go to your club, your lodge, the local pub and host weekly meetings for unemployed people to network, swap stories, practice skills, and not feel alone.
If each unemployed person had the other ninety percent helping them out, this Christmas would become the most memorable holiday on record. It is our responsibility as citizens of this great country, who have had the blessing of being employed at this time, to help the people we know in whatever small way we can. I do not suggest spending money.  I do not suggest sacrificing your own security. I suggest that we remember how blessed we are and to find a way to be that blessing to others.

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