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Episode #55

Younger workers hit 25% unemployment. Women earning more than men - YES!. Less people want to work. Your new boss is a jerk, what to do. Your resume, if you are not yourself, its false advertising. All that and more on Jobcast Radio.


Episode #54

8.8% unemployment, Not Bad! But there are things you need to know about how to survive a growing job market. Extreme commuter? Not healthy. ALSO Can't start your resume, writers block? Resume 101 - how to get started. Finally, you got burned from being laid off? You will never get over it. The unfortunate truth with job loss.



Episode #53

The things that make you sick at work, it matters if your boss has a daughter, looking like superman on your resume, and why law school is a bad idea. All on this episode of Jobcast Radio with your host CEO Mike Baumgartner.


Episode #52

Dealing with depression in your job search. Blackberry, I-Phones, and Smart Phones are the ash tray on the table. Blackberry addiction. Why you should have gender neutral references and the difference with women in the workplace. All on this episode with Mike Baumgartner. Jobcast Radio 



Episode #51

Discrimination against the Unemployed. EEOC launches probe to see if companies who are not hiring unemployed workers are violating law. Also, Unemployed and over 40, you may be extra venerable to not getting a job. Scams for the unemployed and how to survive the dreaded LUNCH INTERVIEW. All that and more on Jobcast Radio



Episode #50

Love is in the air as we approach Valentines Day. On this episode, all about dating at work and the 6 rules to meeting someone specil at work. Also, so you have been accused of sexual harrasment? What to do and how to survive this awful experience. And, Google and you, one persons really unfortunate story. Mike Baumgartner explaines it all for you. 



Episode #49

An email from Andy regarding a past company giving negative references. How to you know if your past is haunting you. Getting back to basics for 2011 - Interviewing. How to ace the phone and face to face interview. How to make the negative a positive. All that and more on this episode.




Episode #48

Welcome 2011. This episode - 2011 New Year resolutions for job seekers. Back to the basics for your resume with all of the foundational information you need to get your resume ready for what looks to be a growing job market. Also, You and Your Tombstone...what you should be remembered for...on this episode of





 Episode #47

The holidays are coming and the unemployment is up to 9.8%. What gifts are bad ideas for your boss? What are good gift ideas? Why do buzz words make your resume look like everyone else? How do you survive the holiday season? Answers to these and other questions on this episode of Jobcast Radio with Mike Baumgartner, CEO of The Worklife Survival Center



Episode #46

Treating someone differently because they think you are gay? Big problem! Can a company search for your genetic information? Nope! Is trashing your boss on Facebook a protected activity? MAYBE! All that and more on this episode of Jobcast Radio, hosted by Mike Baumgartner. 



Episode #45

Does it make sense that when you are fired you are walked out of the job but when you fire a politician he gets to go back to the office and pass laws? What is Brown Tuesday and why should everyone be worried? Can your recruiter get you fired? Answers to all that and more on this episode of Jobcast Radio



Episode #44

Did NPR violate the ADA with the firing of Juan Williams? Can a company call you crazy and then fire you? What every employee should learn from Juan Williams being fired for his opinion. Also, is the job market starting to turn around...sort of! Learn more. Twitter for jobs. The best jobs to go into and why. All that on Jobcast Radio


 Episode #43

Unemployment according to Gallup and the Department Of Labor, its scary at best. The Great American Performance Review. All about Skinny Girls As Work. Linked-In for the working class. AND the single best strategy for interviewing the world has ever seen. All From Mike Baumgartner CEO of The Worklife Survival Center on Jobcast Radio



 Episode #42

In this episode Mike Baumgartner, CEO of The Worklife Survival Center, reveals the problems with tattoos and the problems with dress codes. Too sexy? Could be a problem? Tons of Tips for resume's. More on the Great American Performance Review...all that and more on this episode.





Episode #41

Mike has been asked to look into his crystal ball and tell you what he sees. Where is the job market going? How does politics play into our job future? What are the next six months going to look like? What is Brown Tuesday? Also, how to get around the company resume screening systems. All on this episode.




 Episode #40

Our First Anniversary Show. Mike reviews some of the best parts of our first year on the air. Interviews with Josh Turner of, Executive Dating expert Ann Robins and train wreck caller Paul all in this episode and more. Mike also talks more about The Great Performance Review...A.K.A. the November mid-term elections. One year old and more to come.



Episode #39





You are the American CEO and it's "Performance Appraisal" time for your employees in Washington DC. Candidates and incumbents are asking you for a job based on all kinds of things and the time is coming for you to say "Good Job" or "YOUR FIRED". Mike talks about your responsibility, the economy, and some good news for a change for working women.







Episode # 38

The economy, youth unemployment figures and what it all means to you. Also, searching for a job while you have a job, when to apply internally for a job and commentary on Germany's effort to ban employers from looking at your Facebook page. All tha and more on this episode of Jobcast Radio with Mike Baumgartner  


Episode #37

In this episode Mike talks about questions to ask your interviewer, the landmines and traps. Unemployment claims rise, no surprise there but there are some devils in the details. Cop out application mistakes and why HR is not to be trifeled with in an interview....all that and more...



Episode #36

Why are we making a hero out of a crazy Jet Blue flight attendant? Where did you get the idea you had a right to a job? How do you respond to the BIG interview questions? The stupid things people do to their resume. Mike's big rant on stupid employees...all on this heated episode


Episode #35

Unemployment is still at 9.5% but the numbers are deceptive. What the numbers mean and why Mike says it's only going to get worse. What do you do? Focus. Also, Delta Airlines and the worst employees Mike has ever seen. Why company culture makes this company rotten. Tips on making extra cash, making a good first impression, and planning for being a stand out. All on this weeks episode.



Episode #34

Shirley Sherrod...Wrongfull Termination??? Maybe. Get Mike's perspective on how and why people can be terminated wrongfully and when you might want a lawyer. Also, Hank from talks with Mike about networking for a job. Are you suffering survivors guilt or survivors anger???? All on this episode.


Episode #33

What to wear for a hot summer season of interviews. The OFCCP is frightening for your employeer and your best friend when they treat you bad. When to sue, when to keep quiet and whether or not to tell your boss your looking for another job. All on this weeks episode.



Episode #32

Further evidence that things are not rosy on the job market. Have you Googled yourself lately. Take control of your e-brand and learn how to deal with what the web says about you. Parents who want to get back in the job market after taking care of the kids...this is the show for you.



Episode #31

A full hour of advice with Mike and Deepak Gupta of on networking. How to get invited to networking sessions. How to talk and network your way into a job. How to meet the kind of people who can help you in your career. You will definately want to take notes on this one.


Episode #30

Its a dark summer for jobs. Mike talks about the economy, jobs, and the games people play. Mike talks with Kelly from NJ who has been out of work for more than a year on her resume and getting a job. Also, the things you need to do to spice up your interview. All that and more.


Episode #29

HelpMyResume.Org creator Josh Turner is our guest. We discuss his site and his Pepsi Refresh Project. Also, "The Social Media Nightmare" was the subject of Mike's roundtable at the Richmond Events "HR Forum" in Atlanta. Listen to his thoughts of the changing social media revolution. 


Episode #28

Today is a celebration when 431,000 jobs were created...Oops, not exactly. Find out exactly what is going on. Is your boss someone you can't stand? Mike talks about a great new book that helps you deal with it. "You have got to be kidding?" and the milkman all on this week's episode.


Episode #27

Things continue to get bad for job seekers. Mike interviews Teena Rose, top resum writer and interview strategist, about the economy, new resume ideas, interview planning and strategies. All this and more from The Worklife Survival Center - Jobcast Radio.


Episode #26

The panic episode. Mike talks about the decine of the job market, the rise of unemployment claims and what it all means for you. Getting energized and refocused on your resume are key. This episode resume basics, formatting and getting ahead of the curve. 


Episode #25

Mike talks about what happens when you forget the power cord on your laptop. Instant productivity. How to ace a performance review. Your elevator speech. Why getting everything in writing is critical. AND...retaliation, how to know when the company has crossed the line. 


Episode #24

Over qualified and can't get a job? Here are some tips on dealing with it. Also, how to survive a phone interview, how to tell when the recruiter is lying to you and why you should never fake it. All this and more! 


Episode #23

Are your personal emails private a work. In New Jersey yes, in the rest of the country, maybe soon. Mike discusses recent court cases. Need your resume written? Need a great cover letter? Mike talks about and thier free service. Also, can bad credit hurt you? All in this episode. 


Episode #22

How the health care bill impacts you right now in he workplace. Scam artists are preying on you the unemployed. Things that Human Resources will never admit to you. All this and more in this week's episode. 


Episode #21

Mike's email from Karen about the pro's and con's of changing a job are discussed as well as surviving "new job jitters." Also, the job market is changing as people start looking for a change, and can your company discriminate against smokers?


Episode #20

The Sexual Harrasment episode. Mike discusses in detail what sexual harrasment is, what it looks like, and how to deal with it. Learn why more men are reporting sexual harrasment. Also, more sightings of paisley people.


Episode #19

Mike talks to Paul about being too agressive at work and why his co-workers hate him. Are you paisley? Find out and learn why knowing could change your did to Mike. How do you deal with anger and what Mike thinks of Time Magazine's take on JOBS.


Episode #18

The beating the resume system! What really happens in a company when you send in your resume and how to get around the system and get the job.  What is the most important part of your resume and how to exploit above the fold. Also commentary on the healthcare job killer.


Episode #17

Where is the job market today and great advice from Nicole Justa (Justa Executive Resources) on who is hirig and why. Also Mike completes his interview with Elisabeth H. Sanders-Park president of Worknet Solutions about work addition an getting back control of your life.


Episode #16

Why the healthcare debate is killing the job market. Got a criminal conviction, DUI, disability or other barrier preventing you from getting a job? Mike talkes about those issues with Elisabeth H. Sanders-Park, president of Worknet Solutios. Learn how to take anunfortunate past and make it a positive to getting a job.


Episode #15

Updates on the Jobs Bill out of congress. The Career Thought Leaders Conference 2010, corporate trends in hiring temps first, the best companies to work for and the best places to find a job. Mike interviews Nadine Mockler and Laurie Young of concerning flex work schedules and finding a permanent job as a temp.

Episode #14

9.7 percent unemployment and how that makes no sense. Also Mike takes up the 100+ Jobs Created and 140+ Jobs Saved because of Jobcast Radio. Mike interviews Jim Villwock, Chief Job Doctor and author at Job Doctors International, about how to get around the hiring system and  Jobpreneurship™.


 Episode #13

Mike talks about th 90+ jobs created and 100+ jobs saved by Jobcast Radio. Obama Corp stock, would you buy it? Also, Mike interviews Executive Resume Expert Wendy Enelow and the upcomming Career Thought Leaders Conferene 2010.

 Episode #12

 Mike Rips into our beloved government for "discovering" we need jobs, why he loves healthcare, an just how scary 2010 unemployment is becoming. Mike interviews Chris Chauri from about transitions in life an career.


Episode #11

This Episode - Mike rants about the horrible reporting of the unemployment numbers for December and talks about going gorillia this year. Mike also interviews Mary (the undercover HR director) from


Episode #10

This Episode - Mike kicks off the new year with a call to arms. Whatever your mission is...getting or keeping your job...the time is now! Also, Mike interviews Curt from Do not miss this interview!



Pick your favorite show

Episode #1 - Premier Episode

Our first episode deals with how you should be prepared for that day when you're FIRED. In our second segment we discuss things you don't mention in an interview.


Episode #2

Segment 1 - Caller WIllie from North Carolina asks question about overtime and his salary

Segment 2 - Mike speakes with Clinical Psychologist Ilma Galeote on the psychology behind getting through layoffs and surviving interviews


Episode #3

Segment #1, Letter from Gina on outlining volunteer Christian work in a resume. Caller Kirsten, a professional clown, talks about her company cutting her hours.

Segment #2 Letter from Jamie on finding out if the company he is interviewing is old school or new age. Small Business Owner Shelley has advice about starting your own business. Caller Stephanie wants to know how to ask her company for more money in this economy.

Segment #3 Interview with Nicole Justa of Justa Executive Resources


Episode #4

Interview with Ann Robbins, CEO of LifeWorks Matchmaking LLC in this episode we discuss treating an interview like a first date, how to deal with office relationships, executive matchmaking, and much more. Also Mike talks about being pregnant at work.


Episode #5

Segment #1 - Audio broadcast of Mike Baumgartners interview with Bill Vick of A letter from Noel from New Mexico about pregnancy and dress codes gets Mike's attention.

Segment # 2 Mike takes a call from Inez in Ft Lauderdale discussing proper clothes for an interview, drug testing (the test for stupidity), and medical questions from your employer.

Segment #3 Mike interviews Amber Williams of and discusses the benefits and drawbacks of telling your boss exactly what you think of him/her.


Episode #6

This Episode - Mike answers an email regarding firing someone who is just too old.

Mike interviews Ralph Chapman from HR Search Pros about the economy, resume writers, lying on your resume and how to find a job in this crazy economy. This is an interview not to be missed.

Episode #7

This Episode - Mike interviews the authors of "A Taste for Work", Terri Clancy, managing director of a company that provides coaching and consulting with individuals to build their personal leadership style to create powerful change in their lives, and Sally Morrison, who has helped thousands of job seekers achieve career self-reliance by providing one-on-one coaching and job search strategy for individuals from all economic backgrounds. They are two founders of Career Partners 3 and they discuss with Mike their book, the job market and how great food fits in to all of it. The perfect holiday combination.


Episode #8

This Episode - Mike answers a call regarding unemployment and what you should claim and when. Interview with Melyssa Bernstein (Emerging Media Specialist & Account Executive) CRK Interactive on leveraging social medial and your job search - What is really going on out there.

Also - Mike's plea to those of you with a job.


Episode #9

This Episode - One of the best interviews of the year for those of you who are lost in your job. Laura Goodrich shares her views on positive ways to energise your life, your work, and your job search. A talk that is perfect for this holiday season.