Get the Job

Two Sticks - A Parable For New Employees

So you just got a new job. It's your first day and you want to make a good impression. Shake things up. Drive change. Make your mark. In short, you have just chosen suicide. Although I am not one to preach by parables, let me tell you a story I tell any new hire who joins a company.

A New Job Is Like A Dead Smartphone

Sometimes life hits you in the face with a reality check. It may be something as simple and annoying as a rainstorm knocking out your internet for a week, or a little more significant like your son trying to see if your cell phone has the same effect on Diet Coke as Mentos. In my case, it was both... at the same time.

Become A Legend, Not A Myth

Every one of us could tell a story about someone in our company. It could be someone we know and work with or someone we’ve never even met.   That’s because every company has its "memorable" employees… the machine operator who discovered a way to streamline the system and made the company millions, or the young ex

Two Strategies for Getting A Job - The Daily Job Search Way

Let's face the truth.  If you are out of work, you are one out of every ten people around you. That means when you apply for a job, you are one in several hundred who want that job just as badly as you do. Actually, for the average job seeker, the odds are there are people who actually want the job more than you do and are in this race to win it. The people I find getting the jobs have disciplined themselves to focus like a laser on their goal.

HEY! YOU WITH THE JOB....Now is still the time!

A lot has happened since that first article I wrote a year ago. The article back from December 2009 was titled "Hey You With The Job" and it was a plea for everyone of us (9 out of every ten people) to stand up and do something. Today, I can't help but think that those first words are as important now as ever. 
We have all heard the statistics. One in ten Americans are out of work. Others, myself included, believe that number to be much higher.

Brown Tuesday - Be Scared And Prepared

 There is a very common phenomena that is quickly approaching which nobody writes about and even fewer will admit it exists. Much like a Facebook request from that really scary and often un-bathed kid we remember from the 10th grade who reminds us of the Bride Of Chucky on caffeine, we try to ignore it but you know it's there.

The Greatest Interview Secret

I am about to upset an entire industry. Won't be the first time and certainly won't be the last, but I have been evolving a philosophy which for you may be a great V-8 smack on the head moment or you will look at this article and in great harmony proclaim loudly - DUH!

The Jordan Effect

A decade ago, during the First Great Talent War (1994 - 2000), it used to be said that the resume was soon to be dead. It was said the great people of industry, tech, and science would no longer need a resume simply because their reputation would be enough to get them a job.

You Were A Better Employee When You Were Four

Linus: "You really don't have anything to worry about Charlie Brown. After all, science has shown that a person's character isn't really established until he's at least five years old."

Be Rude - Get Paid

I am sure everyone has heard the story by now of Steven Slater, the Jet Blue attendant, who decided that his day was not going too well.  So lousy was his day that he grabbed the microphone, yelled obscenities, flung open the door of the plane, and escaped down the evacuation slide.  Now this employee is a cultural hero.  Facebook and MySpace pages have been erected singing his praises.  T-shirts extolling his name are for sale.